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During the past financial year WISHCARD gained  more than 20additional redeeming partners. These include strong, well-known brands such as Google Play, Napster, and C&A, but it will soon also be possible to donate to a number of philanthropic organisations including Ein Herz für Kinder and the WWF. With these additions, 96% of all relevant partner shops in the voucher business are now on board.

„Thanks to the sweeping success of our WISHCARD, we’ve managed to achieve a high degree of name recognition amongst end users. With the addition of these new partner shops, we can now ensure our cards are redeemable at all the places our customers want,“ says CEO Valentin Schütt.

Gift vouchers now most popular gift in Germany
Germans were very much in a buying mood during the 2017 Christmas shopping season. On average, they planned to spend 266 euros on gifts. This is what the study „Christmas Gifts 2017“ by Ernst & Young reported. According to the survey, gift vouchers are becoming more and more popular.

By the end of 2018, the WISHCARD will be available at all large, well-known retail outlets in Germany, and when sales are at their highest during the Christmas season, special holiday-themed displays will be placed in the lucrative spot near the checkout.

About Wishcard Technologies:
The Wishcard Technologies Group operates a technology platform and develops, distributes, and sells voucher products with flexible redemption options on their platform’s own online portals. Wishcard Technologies covers the entire value chain, developing products and getting retail partners involved (including digital infrastructure), from in-house production to sales, both online and in-store. The resulting logistics infrastructure allows Wishcard Technologies to respond dynamically and flexibly to the needs of both individual and corporate clients in the shortest possible time.

Wishcard Technologies operates a digital voucher platform that partners with over 500 industry leaders, including Amazon, Google, Apple, IKEA, Zalando, and Facebook.

Digital Wishes GmbH was founded in late 2014 to implement the WISHCARD business model. The company’s headquarters in Brilon houses the finance, legal, HR, sales, and production departments, while the Düsseldorf office team consists of technology, marketing, and customer service.

WISHCARD is a gift product designed as a combination greeting card and gift card (gift voucher). The WISHCARD universal gift voucher may be redeemed at more than 500 different partners. The card may be redeemed at a number of top retail outlets including Amazon, Zalando, H&M, Google Play, IKEA, iTunes, C&A, MEDIAMARKT, and many more. The WISHCARD voucher is sold both in stores and online, and among others is advertised as part of TV ad campaigns on major channels like Pro7, Sat1, RTL, VOX, Kabel1, SIXX, and DMAX.