The Wishcard Technologies Group, Germanys leading brand for gift voucher is cintinuing its accelerated growth in 2020.

Wunschgutschein GmbH exceeds all growth forecasts with WISHCARD!

The company expects 180 Million Euro in Sales in 2020. The companies growth is expected to speed up even more during the Christmas shopping season. The company is now launching the latest flight of one of the largest ad campaigns in the gift card segment on digital channels and national TV.

These video spots will be shown at the best broadcast times throughout the day and during prime time, shared between ATL and DIGITAL channels. The campaign will run from mid-November 2020 until the end of December. A total of more that 300 million contacts will be reached, statistically every German citizen more than 3 times within one month – the target group will reach up to 20 contacts within that timeframe. The adverts are intended to promote the sales of the voucher online and in shops and further establish the “ WUNSCHGUTSCHEIN/WISHCARD“ brand as the standard for gift vouchers.

The ten- and twenty-second TV spot will be shown frequently, with a clear focus on the company’s central message: „The WISHCARD is the perfect gift for everybody.“

As universal as the WISHCARD is, redeemable with over 500 partner companies, a special feature makes it quite individual as well. Every WISHCARD  includes a greeting card, allowing donors to send a their own personal messages.

About Wishcard Technologies:
The Wishcard Technologies Group operates a technology platform and develops, distributes, and sells voucher products with flexible redemption options on their platform’s own online portals. Wishcard Technologies covers the entire value chain, developing products and getting retail partners involved (including digital infrastructure), from in-house production to sales, both online and in-store. The resulting logistics infrastructure allows Wishcard Technologies to respond dynamically and flexibly to the needs of both individual and corporate clients in the shortest possible time.

Wishcard Technologies operates a digital voucher platform that partners with over 500 industry leaders, including Amazon, Google, Apple, IKEA, Zalando, and Facebook.

Digital Wishes GmbH was founded in late 2014 to implement the WISHCARD business model. The company’s headquarters in Brilon houses the finance, legal, HR, sales, and production departments, while the Düsseldorf office team consists of technology, marketing, and customer service.

WISHCARD is a gift product designed as a combination greeting card and gift card (gift voucher). The WISHCARD universal gift voucher may be redeemed at more than 500 different partners. The card may be redeemed at a number of top retail outlets including Amazon, Zalando, H&M, Google Play, IKEA, iTunes, C&A, MEDIAMARKT, and many more. The WISHCARD voucher is sold both in stores and online, and among others is advertised as part of TV ad campaigns on major channels like Pro7, Sat1, RTL, VOX, Kabel1, SIXX, and DMAX.