The Wishcard Technologies Group, Germanys leading brand for gift voucher is cintinuing its accelerated growth in 2020.

The company recently announced, that its christmas production is the largest in company history. With accelerated number of seasonal displays and additional merchandising, the company is optimizing customer experience and availebility of WishCard-Voucher in retail stores. And by printing millions of WishCard Vouchers for channels Retail, Online, B2B and Special Purpose channels, the company avoids to run out of stock during the businest months of the year.

The recently enlarged B2B has now tripled its size and is working to fulfill incoming company request for WishCard products. Holger Schmieding, leading B2B sales sais: „We are experiencing new peaks of customers in the professional sector every month. Enlarging the team will help up to keep up with this growth within the coming months.“

About Wishcard Technologies:
Wishcard Technologies Group operates a rapidly expanding technology platform that focuses on developing, distributing, and selling a variety of voucher products with flexible redemption options through its online portals. Our comprehensive approach manages the entire value chain, from creating innovative products and collaborating with retail partners, including digital infrastructure, to overseeing in-house production and sales, both online and in-store. This end-to-end process is designed to be seamless and responsive to the diverse needs of individual and corporate clients.

Our digital voucher platform forms partnerships with over 500 industry leaders, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, IKEA, Zalando, and Facebook. This collaborative network allows Wishcard Technologies to offer a diverse range of products, including gift cards, experience vouchers, and subscription services, enhancing the gifting experience for consumers and providing valuable options for businesses to engage their audience.

Digital Wishes GmbH was founded in late 2014 to implement the WISHCARD business model. The company’s headquarters in Brilon houses the finance, legal, HR, sales, and production departments, while the Düsseldorf office team consists of technology, marketing, and customer service.

WISHCARD is a gift product designed as a combination greeting card and gift card (gift voucher). The WISHCARD universal gift voucher may be redeemed at more than 500 different partners. The card may be redeemed at a number of top retail outlets including Amazon, Zalando, H&M, Google Play, IKEA, iTunes, C&A, MEDIAMARKT, and many more. The WISHCARD voucher is sold both in stores and online, and among others is advertised as part of TV ad campaigns on major channels like Pro7, Sat1, RTL, VOX, Kabel1, SIXX, and DMAX.