Wishcard Technologies Group is thrilled to announce that its flagship brand „Wunschgutschein“ has achieved remarkable recognition, now recognized by one in four Germans. This significant milestone highlights the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of the brand and platform, particularly within its target demographic.

The increasing brand awareness is accompanied by an encouraging trend in revenue growth. Florian Pauthner, CFO of Wishcard Technologies Group, commented, „We are delighted to see that our revenue growth is supported by each point increase in brand awareness. This demonstrates the strong resonance and affinity consumers have towards the Wunschgutschein brand. Importantly, we see continued opportunity for increases in brand awareness and further support on our growth.“

Moreover, the analysis of customer cohorts over their lifetime reveals an intriguing pattern. Andreas Betzer, CEO of WishcardTechnologies Group, elaborated, „It is fascinating to observe that customer cohorts are extremly strong over their lifetime, indicating that what we term as ‚longtail gift‘ continues to hold true. Customers initially engage with with Wunschgutschein for a single occasion but gradually discover more opportunities to utilize it, both personally and professionally for gifting to customers and employees alike.“

Andre Rahn, CMO of Wishcard Technologies Group, emphasized the brand’s versatility and adaptability, stating, „The widespread adoption of Wunschgutschein reflects its relevance across various contexts, from personal celebrations to corporate gifting. We are committed to further enhancing the brand’s visibility and accessibility to meet the evolving needs of our customers.“

Looking ahead, Wishcard sees immense potential for growth in both developed and emerging markets. „There is still significant headroom for increasing brand awareness and revenue, even in developed markets, and particularly in new markets such as Austria, Switzerland, France, and England, where we anticipate replicating the same success story,“ highlighted Betzer.

As Wishcard’s flagship brand continues to garner widespread recognition and maintain strong customer engagement, the company remains dedicated to delivering innovative gifting solutions and shaping the future of gift giving in Germany and beyond.

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